Initial Meeting
Owner Kevin Gent will schedule a convenient time to meet with you within 2 working days of initial contact. We would like to hear your ideas, see any clippings, photographs, or any other materials you may have gathered that would be representative of the work that you may have in mind.
Kevin Gent will conduct a complete evaluation of your project and discuss determinations so that a clear and concise understanding of your needs is achieved.
You will be given recommendations as to the type of work needed and the steps required to complete the work. Design will be completed, and a plan established.  A range of available materials from leading manufacturers that fit within your budget will be presented at this time.
Free Estimate
Based on the evaluation, information received, and the materials selected you will receive a FREE quote.
Pre-Construction Meeting
A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with Owner Kevin Gent, and homeowners.
The purpose of this meeting is to take final measurements, establish the work routine, set schedules, arrange access, and set payment schedule and to ensure that a complete understanding of desired results and design details are understood.
Progress Meeting
Approximately halfway through the project (or at any time requested) a meeting will be held with the Homeowner, to assure that the needs of the Homeowner are being met.
Punch List
As the project nears completion, the Homeowner and the Contractor will construct a punch-list of all work necessary to complete the project to the Homeowner’s satisfaction.
Final Approval
Upon project completion and Quality Inspection, your final approval is necessary before we accept final payment. The “punch list” must be signed by the Homeowner as being complete. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our mission

Our mission here at Gentry Custom is simple; To provide the highest quality Cabinetry needs at the most reasonable prices possible. We have been providing these quality services for four generations now.

A home is often the biggest investment we will ever make. It defines who we are. It gives us comfort from the elements. And it provides a sanctuary from the world.

Your home should reflect your personality and sense of style. It should be comfortable for YOU.

At Gentry Custom, we understand how important your home is to you. Construction on it should be done with the utmost respect and sensitivity. That’s why we do virtually all of the work ourselves. By working closely with the homeowner, we can ensure that the quality control index of your project is never compromised.

And by utilizing the latest construction technology, we can keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Don’t trust your biggest investment with just anybody, call on the only local Tacoma contractor with a 100% customer satisfaction index,  and consistent 5 star reviews on every platform.

If you are considering a Cabinetry project, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a free consultation, and a firm quote.


Thank you for visiting Gentry Custom Remodel. We are pleased to be of any assistance possible

My name is Kevin E. Gent, and I am Senior Partner and chief craftsman at Gentry Custom. I am the third generation of cabinetmakers and contractors in my family. My father was a general contractor, and cabinetmaker for nearly thirty years before his retirement, and my grandfather started this firm in 1924.  I have taken over the family business since 1987. I personally oversee and approve all the work at Gentry Custom. This kind of quality control makes us unparalleled in customer service, customer satisfaction, and referrals.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you with your project from conception to completion. It is our vision to make your remodeling or cabinetry project as smooth and trouble free as possible.

As we all know, taking on a large project like remodeling can be a little intimidating. Pressures like deadlines, product selection, and design details can overwhelm even the most arduous of souls. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Having a good contractor like Gentry Custom Cabinetry handling your project can help eliminate all of that. We can help you design your project in an elegant, practical, and cost effective way. By setting certain goals and parameters up front, we can fix many of those post-construction problems before the project ever begins. We have found that proper planning is the key to a successful project. The better prepared one is to resolve an issue, the easier and cleaner the entire project execution goes.

We at Gentry Custom also feel it is of primary importance to our customers to take care of the little problems for you. As busy professionals, we realize that you hardly have time to oversee a construction project. With Gentry Custom you don’t have to. We see to every conceivable detail, in every phase and aspect of the project.

My Father used to say, when it comes to choosing a contractor, “You can have it cheap, good, or fast. Choose any two of the three.” Often this trade off seems a fact of life. However, depending on the parameters of your job, we can accommodate you nicely.

First, the quality standards are absolutely never compromised. We simply will not cut corners.

The speed and price of a job can be closely coupled. By doing almost all of the work ourselves, we can eliminate alot of the “wait time”,(the time spent waiting for subcontractors to finish their part of the project.) This helps us stay on schedule, and in check. And as we all know, saving time can also be closely coupled to saving money.

Time can also be coupled to efficiency. By utilizing the best and most efficient tools on the market today, we are able to do in days what once took weeks, and with a much higher quality index. These tools are absolutely necessary to facilitate an expeditious schedule.

In short , by planning ahead, doing most of the work ourselves, and utilizing the latest construction technology, we can greatly expedite your construction project, and save you considerable time and money.

We at Gentry Custom specialize in architectural restoration, fine woodworking, cabinetry, and Kitchen remodel.


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